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To provide an integrated software solution and ensure safer commuting experience and optimize valuable resources. We are purpose-driven company that aims to organize travel information of students and make it accessible and useful to parents and school administration.


To seamlessly deliver unique solutions in a single package towards electronic attendance, real-time location and notifications services, optimal resources management, better fleet management, quality transport service and create new efficiencies for schools and transport companies.


Customer commitment

Customer Commitment

Develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.



Develop outstanding solutions and high-quality service that together, deliver premium value to the customer



Work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and help our company achieve our core objectives.

Respect for people

Respect for People

We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance.

Setting high standards

Setting High Standards

We aim to be the best. We will be continually seeking innovative and better ways to do things.



Dedicated to safety, committed to a better future.

Our Solutions

Our solutions will enable users to gain greater insight into a variety of school bus activities to support data-driven decisions, ultimately enhancing student safety, cost savings and community satisfaction. We can equip the school buses with the latest innovations and take transport service in the U.A.E to the next level of success and safety. These solutions are uniquely engineered, designed and developed with hands on assistance and input from administrators of schools and leading operators of school buses in the U.A.E.


An Integrated Diagnostic Electronic Attendance and Live solutions for bus attendants.


On-board Analysis and Student Information System for parents.


First On-board Comprehensive Utilization System for managers.


An Integrated Diagnostic Electronic attendance Application for transport supervisors.

IDEAL (Bus Attendants App)

TrackZen IDEAL allows the Bus Attendants to mark the student attendance in a school bus accurately and with ease. This app will assist the attendant to identify every student’s pick up point and contact details.

This app allows to view the list of students assigned for a route along with the contact details of the parents. The students are sorted as per the order of pick up and drop off sequence. The app will help the bus attendant to find the next pickup and drop-off point and the corresponding student along with their photos through the app which will ensure error-free, pick and drop of students. The attendance is captured using a coded NFC card or manually on the device at the pick up and drop off location of the students.

OASIS (For Parents)

The parents’ app will display transport information like route, contact details of the driver, bus attendant to facilitate parents to make calls when needed. Parents receive real time tracking of the school bus during trips, this allows them to plan ahead, and avoid wasting unnecessary time waiting at bus stops.

Real-time notifications are delivered as and when students enter and exit the school bus. Parents also get notified of any incidents related to the school bus. These push notifications and real-time location services reduces the parents’ waiting time at bus stops.

TrackZen OASIS makes it easier for Parents to access information through smartphones to stay connected with their wards while they journey to and from school, enabling them to locate their child and the school bus at any given moment. 

FOCUS (For Transport Managers/Administrators)

TrackZen FOCUS will help the Transport Manager to manage operational aspects of school transportation, ensure school bus safety, plan well, operate with less risk, operate optimally, reduced costs and more efficiency.

The app provides details of trip completion status so that transport manager is updated with trip details. The app provides capacity utilization details which ensures optimum utilization of resources. The reports like delayed start reports, speed violations, geo-fencing violations, idling report, odd-hour usage report, mystery shopping reports, fleet inspection report, electronic reports of pre-trip & post-trip inspections are recorded and displayed in this report.

IDEA (For Supervisors / Service Delivery Executives)

This app will provide real-time information of the students’ on-board status and trip completion status to the Supervisors. This app will enable various reports like attendance report for any specific date, trip count report for any specific period, individual student reports, capacity utilization etc. The application provides ability to edit the student information including their address, contact number, grade, section, pickup bus, drop off bus, RFID card details etc. This ensures an accurate database and effective communication between operators, parents and school administration.

TrackZen IDEA will help the Supervisor who is in-charge of day to day operations of the school to manage operational aspects of school transportation effectively.


School and Transport Companies

  1. The app helps school administration to have a complete overview and precise school bus attendance of school children anytime and anywhere without contacting transport staff.
  2. Easily manage the school transport service by swiping the NFC powered ID card or manually marking attendance on the mobile application which facilitates to locate any school bus on a map real-time and locate any student on a bus.
  3. Efficient routing and planning is managed effectively through the app which collects data automatically and prepares the route.
  4. Communicate easily and effectively with parents through push notifications and alerts.      
  5. Capacity utilization and route optimization.                                                                                              
  6. Effortlessly maintain school bus transport reports .


  1. Live tracking of the school bus, instant messages and status updates.                                                                                                              
  2. Accurate bus attendance.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Alerts on boarding and de-boarding.                                                                                                                                                                     
  4. Check to confirm if the student is present in the school bus.                                                                                                                     
  5. The app facilitates effective communication between school management, parents and drivers.
  6. Facilitates better planning.

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